Hi strangers.

I've been a busy bee. But it's all starting to come together!

I've been in the process of opening my own studio!

Have you heard of barre work-outs? I am obsessed. I started doing them 5 years ago. There are so many great studios all over the USA. I was fortunate enough because of my husband's career to live in a variety of cities that all offered different studios. I encourage you to try a class if there is a studio near you.

I was warned that barre is addicting. I didn't believe them. Boy was I wrong! I literally feel it in my bones when I've gone for too long without a barre class. That elongating, lengthening, stretching, toning, tightening... amongst other wonderful qualities the class brings!

I've always been super active. Spin, zumba, volleyball, step-class, running, yoga, pilates, I can go on and on about all the fitness activities I love. But barre has given me the quickest results and has been the most rewarding. It actually has completely changed my body.

So every summer after the hockey season was over we would come home and I would say all summer, "I wish they had barre here!" Finally my husband said to me, "Well what are you waiting for?!"

The hamster in my head started spinning on that wheel and it hasn't stopped for the past 2 years. When we moved home from NY in April of 2012 the ball started rolling...

Alas, here we are now. A short time away from the studio launch.

I am very excited. Very terrified {owning your own business-What?! How did that happen?}. And very certain this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. 

Check out Sculpt Barre on 

If you are not from around the area, check it out anyways- I will be posting fitness tricks + tips, recipes, etc. for everyone to share.

I encourage everyone to try a barre class in your area. There are so many great studios out there. I can recommend some of my favorites in the USA and Canada if you have any questions.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for their support this past year, everyone who has came out to my trial classes, and to everyone I hope to see at the barre soon!


Dawn said...

Congratulations Nik! I can't wait for the studio to open. Your courage, determination and creativity leaves no doubt that your business will be a huge success!!

Nik said...

Thank you Dawn! Very kind words, truly appreciated xo

Jen Cooke said...

Congrats Nik!! Can't wait to come and try it out!!

Pretty Little Things for Home & Life said...

I've been looking for a Barre class in Edmonton!!!